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Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Show Magazine Advertising
Flexible display options provide a choice of ad sizes to fit any message. Specific category headings make it easy for readers to locate your message and act upon it quickly.

Custom Editorials
Custom Editorials provides you with a professional and cost effective means of spreading your marketing message.

Classified Advertising
Classified advertising is an inexpensive way to promote products and services or deliver special announcements to thousands of industry professionals.

Banner Display Card

You can't make responding any easier for your audience than with Fashion & beauty Expo's Banner Display Cards. We'll promote your banner card in our special display box placed at the entrance of the exhibit hall. It’s a great way to promote your business and makes it easier for your customer to locate your exhibit area. Each card features your ad copy. A perfect way to generate sales.

Complete reference source offering versatile advertising options designed to help you maximize year round exposure. Fashion & beauty Expo's directories offer many great opportunities to cost-effectively reach industry decision makers when they're ready to buy.

Directory is the official show guide. It contains the most complete listing of apparel and beauty manufacturers available anywhere. The Directory has a shelf life of approximately six months.

Provides attendees with quick and easy access to key information about events and products, meetings, and about the convention.

Pocket Planner
The pocket size show planner is the official guide to companies’ booth locations on-site. It is an alphabetical listing of companies that show at FBEX. It is used throughout the three day show and is mailed prior to the show to those attendees that request it on their preregistration forms. It is also distributed at registration and other key areas.

Postcard Program
Postcard racks are located in high traffic areas of all three event days. Attendees can take free postcards at will during the Three days of the show. The advertisers provide the artwork according to our specs. There are approximately 30 display racks throughout the event.

Sponsorship at the Opening Night Party
The FBEX Opening Night Party is the premier event. Industry leaders will attend the party from retail, manufacturing, press and media. FBEX promotes this party through the Fashion-Beauty.com website, direct mail and advertising. We anticipate a crowd of 10,000 and will host the food and beverage. *Promoted on flyers, posters and during radio giveaways and T-Shirts.

There are now two Marquees. The Marquee is a huge electronic billboard located outside the Javitz Center Convention Center. It is seen by more than 115,000 people every day. Advertisers can put up video messages, logos, and animation. Spots are 15 seconds long and run on a 15 minute loop.

TDI Bus and train Program: FBEX will advertise on the buses as well as on the trains. This program features your logo during the FBEX promotional campaign.

Cinema Advertisement
During the Fashion & Beauty Trade Show we feature commercials before, during and after the presentation. Spots are 15 seconds long and run on a 15 minute loop.

Show Lanyards
The show lanyards are distributed at the registration counters. The lanyards are a lace strap with a swivel snap and a bulldog clip that hold attendees badges. Quantity: 50,000

Display Banner
Place your company banner or display in prime areas of the Javitz Center Convention Center.

Sponsor all of the "Information" Locators
FBEX has 15 "Information" booths throughout the Convention Center with directories. Your company can sponsor these units which will feature your company’s 2000 ad campaign. The units are placed strategically so that attendees can find their way easily.

Badge Slip Mailing
Have the your company message delivered to all preregistered attendees prior to the show. The buck slip advertisement will be mailed out to 30,000 preregistered attendees with their badges. Create an ad on the buck slip that encourages attendees to bring the slip back to your company’s booth for a promotional item.

Magazine Promotion
FBEX will advertise in the leading industry magazines. This your chance to market your product or service during our massive promotional campaign.

Commercial Promotion
FBEX Commercials are released starting 3 months prior to the event and continues to run up to the show. We plan to feature our commercials on major networks.

Radio Promotion
Extensive radio promo’s will start 4 weeks prior to the show and run up to the event. This commercial will feature the highlights of the show as well as our sponsors.

Promo Bags
During the show we will distribute complimentary bags at all Information booth areas. One side will feature FBEX. The other will feature our sponsors. Over 100,000 bags are printed.

T-shirts and Other Souvenirs
During the show we will distribute complimentary T-Shirts and Souvenirs to lucky raffle winners during our on-the-hour raffle. One side will feature FBEX. The other will feature our sponsors. Over 100,000 bags are printed.

Please Write us at: sponsorship@fashion-beauty.com or P.O. Box 1355, New York, NY 10027 for sponsorship opportunites.

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